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Mercury Cougar Eliminator Registry

Registries fill an important role in the classic car hobby by serving as central repositories of information about cars of a particular marque.  This registry, for example, contains data about the ownership, location and condition of all known Mercury Cougar Eliminators.

As is the case with most registries, the information about specific cars in the Eliminator registry is maintained for use by owners of record—that is, the owners of the Eliminators recorded in the registry.  However, this registry web site also provides general information from the registry that may be useful to those who are considering buying an Eliminator, and to those who just enjoy learning about these unique, high performance Cougars.

Like any other database, the Eliminator Registry requires a large quantity of information to be useful.  Each time a car is added to the registry, it increases our knowledge about Eliminators.  Most of this information is supplied by owners of the Eliminators recorded in the registry.  Sometimes, however, a sharp eyed classic Cougar enthusiast can provide an important lead that will ultimately result in the addition of a previously unknown Eliminator to the registry.

Mercury Cougar Eliminator
Photo courtesy of Brian Carpenter

If you encounter an Eliminator at a show, on the street or even in a wrecking yard, ask the owner (if available) if he or she objects to you jotting down the VIN, along with any other information you can get, like the car’s data plate codes, the owner’s name and the location of the car.  If the owner has no objection to you making these notes, then please send the information to us by contacting the Mercury Cougar Eliminator Registry.  In many cases, the Eliminator you find is already in the registry, but it is also possible that you have come across a previously unknown car, in which case you will be helping us make a valuable addition to the information available about these special classic Cougars.

Dave Wyrwas

Dave Wyrwas
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